Why did I change my diet?

After getting back from my travels in June 2015 I started to change what I ate. But why?

When I got back home from my travels I was still recovering from the dengue fever. I felt tired and sluggish most of the time. In order to help my body recover, I decided to focus on my diet. I noticed that eating fresh whole foods made me feel more energised compared to eating any processed foods. I started to clean up my diet and see what would happen.

I also couldn't handle a sip of alcohol. Even the smallest amount made me feel instantly drunk and would give me the biggest hangover the next day. I decided to give up alcohol.

Healing through food

Growing up, I had always struggled with painful bloating and constipation. I practically looked pregnant after nearly every meal. I was told I probably had Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS) and there wasn't much to do about it. I accepted it as part of my life.

Until I discovered that certain foods were triggering the bloating, whilst others didn't. Maybe I didn't have to live with IBS the rest of my life?

Eating healthy food was the start of a healing journey which I began to take more seriously after I got back from my travels. I read some great books and watched some amazing documentaries about healthy food such as 'Hungry For Change'.

I cleaned up my pantry and got rid of the processed foods. Any packaged goods that contained preservatives, GMO's, E-numbers or additives were thrown in the bin. I replaced my pantry with healthy alternatives and filled up my fridge with fresh whole foods. I also decided to go organic to avoid any pesticides.

The aim for changing my diet wasn't about losing weight. It was about caring for my body and giving it what it needs. A self-love practice through nutrition.

The changes I noticed

Over the course of six months I felt amazing changes happen in my body. The bloating and constipation were gone, I felt much more clearer in my mind and had more energy.

I started to enjoy not having any hangovers (for the ones that know me from the past, I was always in for a glass of wine or two!). But the changes I noticed and the way I felt outwayed having a drink.

You see, I didn't know how good I could feel in my body until I experienced it. I had never felt better, even before getting the dengue fever. I now realise how well adjusted I was to my current diet at the time and I am grateful for all the changes I made.

I will be sharing more about healthy eating in upcoming blog posts, but I hope this gives you an insight into why I decided to change my diet.

Lots of love,

Morrin xx

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