The healing power of a Sister Circle

At the start of 2017 I attended my first sister circle in the Adelaide Hills. Little did I know what an impact it would have on my healing journey...

Two years ago I moved from busy London to the more peaceful Adelaide Hills. This is where Brad (my partner) grew up. It was wonderful to see where he came from and to finally meet his family!

But after a few months I felt a bit lost. I was still looking for answers to my questions, such as 'who am I?', 'what is life about?', and 'what is my purpose?'

One of Brad's good friends told me to go and see Michelle Bawden. A meditation teacher who organises sister circles in the Adelaide Hills.

I attended my first ever sister circle. It was held in a little old church in Mylor. I walked inside and in the centre of the circle were candles, flowers and crystals. I sat down on a pillow that was layed on a yoga mat and wrapped myself in a blanket.

The space created by Michelle was beautiful and safe. A space where I was able take of my mask and be myself. At the start of the sister circle we were asked to share a little bit about ourselves and why we had chosen to come and join the circle. A feather was passed around and only when holding it, were you allowed to speak. I felt that everyone was present and listening without interrupting or needing to say anything back.

After our share, we opened the circle with a prayer, followed by some breathing techniques, chanting and a guided meditation. During the guided meditation I was visualising what was said and taken on an inner journey.

The meditation lasted for about 45 minutes. By the time it finished, I felt more calm and connected to myself. We all shared our unique journeys and drank a cup of tea together. I was so grateful for the whole experience!

Over the last two years I have attended many more sister circles. I feel so blessed to have met Michelle and all the wonderful sisters along the years!

When I gather with other woman, I feel as though our inner wisdom comes through. Every time I have attended a sister circle, I feel more fulfilled, I sleep better and am calmer. It has been a great part of my inner healing journey!

The time has come to create a sister circle for the beautiful woman around me. More info will follow soon.

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Morrin xx

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