My top 5 supplements to boost the immune system & their health benefits

In a time like this it's important to give our immune system the best chance to fight of anything that might come our way. Besides eating a nutrient dense whole foods plant based diet, I also take some essential supplements.*

*Note: Please check with your healthcare practitioner before taking any supplements. I'm just sharing what works for me.

1. Vitamin B12

Every morning after breakfast I take a daily vitamin B12 supplement. I was recommended to take one that dissolves in the mouth to increase absoprtion. Up until now I had one that you swallow, but I'll be swtiching over once the bottle has finished.

Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin and has lots of health benefits. It keeps the nerve and blood cells healthy and helps create DNA. It also boosts our energy and improves our memory. Our body doesn't produce vitamin B12 so we need to make sure we get it from our food or take a supplement. We can find most vitamin B12 in animal products. By consuming a plant based diet I have to make sure to take a supplement. However, even if you are consuming animal products you could still be low in B12. You can get your bloodwork tested to see if you have a healthy level of vatamin B12 in your body.

2. Vitamin D3

Due to our indoor lifestyle and the use of sunscreen our skin doesn't get the chance to absorb all the nutrients from the sun. That's why most of us have low levels of this vital vitamin. Living in the Netherlands and going through a long, dark, cold & cloudy European winter increases my chances of having a vitamin D deficiency.

I was recommended to take a vitamin D3 supplement by my health care practitioner. Vitamin D helps absorb calcium (great for our bones), reduce depression and boost our energy and much more. It is a fat-soluble vitamin so I take it in combination with my vegan Omega-3.

3. Omega-3

Due to a fully plant based diet it's important that I get enough omega-3's. I love adding big spoonfulls of chia- & flax seeds to my morning smoothie, but to make sure I get enough of this esssential nutrient I also take a daily vegan Omega-3. The vegan omega-3 contains algae oil. Algae oil increases heart, brain & eye health, and it also helps fight inflammation in the body.

4. Multivitamin

Besides the essential vitamins metioned above, I also love taking a multivitamin. Although I truly believe that our food is medicine, we may not always get all the nutrients we need on a daily basis. By taking a miltivitamin I hope to make sure my body can thrive!

5. Vitamin C

Now this is something I only take when I feel my immune system needs an extra boost. I try to get my daily dose from eating fruits & veggies containing high levels of vitamin C, such as kiwi fruit and oranges. I also love adding a slice of lemon to my water. But when I have cold or flu symptoms, I give my body extra love by taking a vitamin C supplement until I am fully recovered.

These are my top 5 supplements. I'd recommend doing your own research to find out what your body needs and ask for professional adice. When choosing your supplements, make sure they are of the highest quality.

Look after your body with love!

Love, Morrin x

Bio: Morrin O’Shea has an interest in the connection between body, mind and spirit. She has a background in occupational therapy and is an integrative nutrition health & mindset coach. Her aim is to empower woman by embracing their true selves and consciously creating the life they want. She is also the founder of Wholism.

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